Velo-City 2022

Velo-city 2022

Cycling the Change
Ljubljana, Slovenia 14-17 June 2022


For a relatively small area, the Ljubljana region reflects a lot of diversity, which Slovenia is generally famous for. Apart from its picturesque nature, the landscape is characterised by friendly smaller towns and villages, several castles and mansions or their remains, and ancient churches with a surprisingly rich artistic legacy.

In Ljubljana region, the alpine world meets the karst world. The intertwining of both worlds has created diverse landscapes, from the Kamnik ̵ Savinja Alps and wooded hills of the Polhov Gradec, the Škofja Loka and the Posavsko Hills, with mountain cabins or churches on several peaks, to the flatlands by the Ljubljanica River and the Ljubljana Marshes, which are noted for their remnants of the prehistoric pile-dweller (in Slovenian koliščarji) culture and for rare animal and plant species.

Several natural wonders, such as the Iški Vintgar Gorge, the waterfalls of the Pekel Gorge, the Županova Jama cave or the picturesque gorge of the Kamniška Bistrica River, are situated very close to Ljubljana. In addition, countless marked trails in nature offer great opportunities for hiking and cycling trips. Check out the day trips in Ljubljana region for more detail.

If you want to explore the rest of Slovenia, there are plenty of options for day trips to some of the either most popular or incredibly scenic spots to enjoy on day trips from Ljubljana. It's a good idea to check 10 ideas for trips from Ljubljana.