Velo-City 2022

Velo-city 2022

Cycling the Change
Ljubljana, Slovenia 14-17 June 2022


Ljubljana's BicikeLJ bike sharing scheme enters its second decade of service with an increased fleet and an average of eight rents a day per bike, making it one of the most successful bike sharing systems in the whole EU.

The success story of BicikeLJ started ten years ago with the installation of the very first docks in Ljubljana. The station based bike sharing system has now spread all over the Slovenian capital and it has recently been boosted by a software renovation and App, which simplifies the users' experience.

Let's have a closer look at the BicikeLJ system and the reasons accounting for its success.

How Ljubljana is promoting cycling

Despite Slovenia's high motorisation rate (around one car for every two people), its capital has successfully managed to grow its cycling mode share throughout the years. Rediscovering Dutch-proof cycle infrastructure from the 1960s while developing new modern networks, the city has invested funds and effort in space redistribution and cycling infrastructure, managing to climb up to the 8th place in the Copenhagenize Index 2017. With a 13% of daily trips ridden on bikes, Ljubljana is definitely leading the uptake of cycling in the region and beyond.

To help this trend, BicikeLJ was first set up in 2011 with an initial force of 300 bikes distributed over 30 stations. After ten years, numbers have risen to 80 docks and 800 bikes, with a constant rise in the share of users due to its quickness and convenience. With 17% of Ljubljana's citizens using it, BicikeLJ has definitely conquered the hearts of people, becoming the symbol of a new cycling wave in the city.

Take a BicikeLJ ride

BicikeLJ's popularity is sustained by its cheap and practical subscription method. For as little as 1€/week or 3€/year, you can register online and enjoy free use for the first hour of rent. Additional costs are charged from the second hour (1€), third hour (2€) and fourth hour and beyond (4€ per hour up to the 24 hours limit). Considering Ljubljana's size and centralised nature, it is probable that most rides are free for the majority of users moving within the centre of the city - a very interesting tip for tourists visiting the city, don't you think?

Such scheme is possible due to BicikeLJ's public-private partnership nature. The city of Ljubljana teamed up with private partners and the system's main revenues are obtained through advertising. In this way, the local administration is able to guarantee the highest standards of service against minimal fees while successfully managing the distribution and maintenance of an expanding fleet.

Recently, a new software and App that simplifies the rental process seems to be meeting the expectations of the majority of the public. With smart docks every 300 to 500 metres, BicikeLJ has managed to become the cheapest, smartest and most convenient way to move around the city.

Snow is no obstacle: the Bicikelj system is available also in the wintertime.

Meet BicikeLJ at Velo-city Ljubljana

From 14th to 17th June, Velo-city takes place in the Slovenian capital to talk cycling policy, exchange best practices, display the latest cycling innovations and connect the global cycling community. We invite all experts, decision makers and activists to come to the world annual cycling summit.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover Ljubljana, a city that has been dedicated to changing the way we move, on a BicikeLJ bike!

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