Velo-City 2022

Velo-city 2022

Cycling the Change
Ljubljana, Slovenia 14-17 June 2022



Velo-city 2022 BIKE PARADE

Join the bike parade and celebrate cycling with all Velo-city participants and the citizens of Ljubljana!

The Bike Parade is a highlight for many conference participants. It is a giant bike tour through the main streets of the city, open to all citizens. Bicycles will be provided to all registered Velo-city delegates at GR just beforehand. To end the parade in a relaxed and festive atmosphere everyone is invited to join the cycling festival afterwards with drinks and food trucks (at own cost), concerts, an open-air party and other surprises at the Congress Square.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022
7 p.m.; in front of GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre at Dunajska Street (; Gospodarsko razstavišce, Dunajska cesta 18) (see blue square on the map)
between 7.45 p.m. and 8.30 p.m.; at the Congress Square in the city centre (Kongresni trg) - the location of the open-air cycling festival until 10.00 p.m. (see green square on the map)
The cycling parade track is approx. 10 km long and will take you through the city: (see red line on the map)

For the Velo-city 2022 parade register here: (tick the box next to "VELO CITY 2022 (12km) sreda 15.6.2022, 18:30, Gospodarsko Razstavišče - Ljubljana" )

BIKE FESTIVAL: "Cycling the change"

Join the bike festival where more than 20 organisations, associations, institutions and interest groups working in the field of cycling and other forms of sustainable mobility, traffic safety, urban planning, environmental protection, sports, health, culture, are actively shaping and co-creating the programme of the cycling festival. Discussions, creative and staging activities, workshops, cycling tours, presentations of various bicycles, traffic safety games and courses will be at the heart of the festival and a stage in Congress Square will offer musical, theatrical and other cultural performances.
Food and drinks will be available at food trucks at own cost and in the evening after the bike parade there will be concerts and an open-air party! Are you ready?

Wednesday, 15 June 2022
10 a.m
10 p.m
Congress Square in the city centre (Kongresni trg) (see green square on the map)


On the green hill in the middle of the city, behind ancient walls, is a rich world full of history and culture. Whenever you want to get closer to the sun, or when you need a different view of the world, food for your soul or a delicious meal, it is a good time to climb to the Ljubljana Castle.

This year's Velo-city networking dinner will take place in the magnificent courtyard of the Ljubljana castle. Musical performances and a special atmosphere thanks to "enlightening cycling” will make this evening unforgettable. If after the dinner you still have some energy, a DJ set will make sure you hit the dancefloor!

Thursday, 16 June 2022, starting at 8 p.m.
Ljubljana castle; Grajska planota 1, 1000 Ljubljana
How to get to the castle?; bus transfers for Velo-city participants will also be organised.


Ljubljana has a long and rich cycling history. It all started in 1869 with what the newspapers called ‘Bikemania' and it led to the top of the cycling world with cycling club Rog Ljubljana's Tadej Pogačar winning the Tour de France and leading the world ranking. The exposition ‘From the oldest wheel to the top of the cycling world' will show history of cycling club Rog which was founded by the bicycle factory Rog and it will tell the story of the bike in Ljubljana. From the old champions and old races to the role of the bike in everyday life.

The exposition will be in Ljubljana's Mestna Hiša from June 3 till June 19.

The exposition consists of three connected parts. Ljubljana cycling city, Cycling club Rog and Maraton Franja

Viktor Bohinec - cycling legend.
KD Rog

Central in the exposition is cycling club Rog. Visual stories will show the history of the club, from the first years, a golden generation in the 1960ies, to the first professional Slovenian riders in the 1980ies to Tour de France winner Tadej Pogačar who will be central in this part. Theme of this part is Pogačar's motto: Never quit trying, never give up. A motto that can be seen in the stories of other riders and the history of the club.

The story of KD Rog will also show the transformation of the club from a respected top team connected to bike factory Rog to what it currently is; an independent cycling institute that educates young cyclists and prepares young talent for the future.

Maraton Franja

Maraton Franja is Rog's biggest event and the biggest cycling event in Slovenia. It gets a separate corner in the exposition. Marathon Franja will be an audiovisual story. Sound, video, pictures and text will make the visitor part of the event.

Ljubljana Cycling City

Ljubljana cycling city will embrace the exposition of cycling club Rog with a part about the history of cycling in Ljubljana and another part about the bike in present day Ljubljana. By this, the exposition symbolically shows that by having a cycling friendly city, an environment was created wherein cycling club Rog and its stars could flourish.

Ljubljana cycling city takes the visitor for a ride through the past and present of cycling - the sport, recreation and transport - in the city.

Ljubljana cycling city starts in 1869 when the first bikes appear in Ljubljana and the newspaper Triglav writes about 'Velocipedemania' in the city. In the first decades, cycling in the city is forbidden and women on the bike face criticism, but the cycling enthusiasts don't give up. 'Never quit trying, never give up...' The exposition shows the first clubs, the first races and events, the first cycling legends, racetracks and races that disappeared and pictures of bikes in daily life in Ljubljana. This part ends with the visual story of bicycle factory Rog in Ljubljana.

Velo - what? Velocipede!

You are kindly invited to the exhibition "From Velocipede to Racing Bicycles", which has been organised by the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office in cooperation with the Technical Museum of Slovenia. You will find out what kind of bicycle the velocipede was, that Slovenians have loved cycling since the 1880s, how the bicycle evolved through time, who was the most important Slovenian inventor in the field of bicycles and how his legacy lives on through his successors.

Slovenians can boast of "intellectual property on the bicycle", with many patents, trademarks and designs in the field of cycling and cycling events, as well as a golden generation of Slovenian riders whom we cheer for in competitions and rejoice in their brilliant victories.

The exhibition "From Velocipede to Racing Bicycles" will be on display from 10 June to 16 July at the Krakovski nasip embankment in Ljubljana.